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Online Patient Payment 

 We provide two online payment options: through our website and through Patient Portal. If you would like to learn about all our financial policies including cash payment, commercial insurance, and Medicare plans, click here

1.) Pay here on our website:

Enter your patient name and account number before choosing either one time payment or recurring payment.  Once you enter that information you will be directed to the page that asks for your credit card or banking information.  You can print a receipt and get a confirmation number.  The recurring payments option is only available through the website.   Please allow 1 week for your payment to be processed and applied to your account.

One Time Payment: 

Recurring Payment: 

2.) Pay through the Patient Portal:

Click on the Patient Portal button below and log into your Patient Portal.  You can see your account balance by scrolling down to the statement area on the dashboard or clicking the my account tab and viewing your latest statement.  From either place you can click on pay bill, it will automatically populate your account information, and you can proceed with entering your credit card information.  Please allow 48-72 hours for your payment to process and be applied to your account.

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